Review: Decadent french toast at Ride

IMG_1812The restaurant Ride, on the corner of Iowa Ave and Dodge St. in downtown Iowa City, opened in mid-December. The cycling-themed restaurant is adorned with vintage bicycles alongside wood and tin decorations to create a rustic yet contemporary atmosphere. I stopped by at one on a Saturday for breakfast, as it serves it until two on the weekends. The restaurant was comfortably full, with a few tables available, but conversation from the diners happily bouncing off the wall. My party of three had the option to wait for ten minutes for a booth or sit immediately at a high table, so we decided to sit at a high table.

IMG_1806Upon the waitress’s suggestions, we chose to order the french toast ($8.95) and veggie benedict ($8.95). The French toast consisted of three thickly-cut slices of moist brioche bread with crispy edges, warm blueberries that burst in your mouth, crunchy slivered almonds, warm maple syrup and frothy whipped cream to top it off. The whole dish was sweet, delicious, but quite rich-—in the good way—the way that fills you up then makes you come back for more ten minutes later.

IMG_1810The veggie benedict was fresh and very light, especially for a benedict, but very satisfying. The pile of arugula atop the English muffin was crisp and bright and the thick slices of avocado were soft and ripe— both a nice surprise for the middle of winter. The poached egg was cooked perfectly and the richness hollandaise was mild enough to keep the whole plate fresh and pull it all together.  The “potato of the day” that accompanied the dish were slightly undercooked, to the point where the center was raw, but the rest of the dish more than made up for it. IMG_1806

Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience at Ride. I would recommend it to anyone wanting classic American comfort food with a modern twist. The menu provides enough variety to please any diner of any preference, while the atmosphere creates a comfortable vibe to chat with friends and spend your time eating such a comforting, delicious meal.


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